September 10, 2010

The FaceLifters
The Beehive


The FaceLifters are our newest addition here at the MMA. Their music is an interesting return to the funky-ska-punk days of Golgo 13 in the mid '90's. The group began in 2006 in Mystic, with members Danny Farrell on bass, Matt Georgetti on guitar and vocals, Dylan Rigolini behind the drums, and Patrick Boyle on lead vocals.  The four joined together under the common goal of bringing a fun environment back to the local scene.

They've been playing every gig they can get the band on, beginning to ply the Corridor between NYC and Boston. They profess a will to play anywhere, anytime, with the Boyle caveat of "... as long as we're all in the same country." 
The band will get a great chance to capitalize on that theory when they play the 5th annual IAM Festival in New London, CT on Saturday, September 11th.  The FaceLifters
will begin the day-long free music event in a Richie Havens style.

This is their third self produced release, following Bodily Functions and last years Freud. They also contributed four tracks on The Lobster Mixtape, an old-school home-made compilation disc of Mystic bands from 2008 that also included MC Whitewash and Steve Irwin & the Stingrays. We present The Beehive in it's entirety, here:  Check it out

March 24, 2010



Highlighter was fronted by Alex Pellish, who had anchored the majestic 1980s/90s bands 17 RelicsPortersville, and Vera from Alice, and who is now running Sodium Lights.  
The 12 songs on Highlighter were recorded in 2003 with Alex on vocals and guitar, with the Fake brothers (Todd on guitar and Shawn on kit), and with Tim Grimes on bass.  It was an amazing nexus of some of the finest local musicians.  They played SE CT for several years, live on WCNI, and the last night of Station 58.   Their track "Emerson" was featured on Towers of New London Volume 3.  Then, in 2005, the band disbanded amicably, but had never released their songs in album form.

Pellish says that the unreleased album kept returning to his thoughts, years after it was roughly recorded in Todd's basement, and so he dug out the original tapes and mixed these never-mixed tracks.  It is compelling, an emotional music that rages through pop, yet delights with melody, and propels us through some of the best, most terse and polished song-crafting heard in a long time.  Check it out
February 15, 2010


3 of the spacers

Seven different musicians, in three bands, wrote and assembled this 13-song Spacescape LP.  It is one massive project, and amazingly cohesive considering the different places and times over the past two years that the tracks were recorded.

Highly atmospheric and cinematic (someone needs to produce video for these), these songs are a clear progression forward, while reminiscent of their prior work in NED and IPG:  a deftness and levity pervades these mystic soundscapes.  Poppy, carnivalish tunes break up the meditative, walk-to-the-end-of-napatree scapes.

This is some exciting new music from a very creative ensemble - definitely worth a listen
December 21, 2009

charge of the light brigade

Low-Beam by Michelle GemmaLow-Beam began recording Charge of the Light Brigade in the summer of 2004. The LP was produced by Michael Deming, who had just relocated to a new, completely remodeled studio in Enfield, CT. Deming had produced many promising Connecticut acts, as well as several nationally known bands.

Low-Beam was chosen to be the first act to record in the new studio. Four months of CJ adding scratch vocals and guitar to a click track began the project, and then drums were added over six weeks to those rough guide tracks.  Many more months of hard work went into the record, but the band eventually broke up as the phenomenal LP was completed...

With the burgeoning MMA taking shape, and the revamped Hozomeen online presence, the four members of Low-Beam - CJ Stankewich, Jaimee Weatherbee, Rich Martin, and Rich Freitas - decided to release the record through Cosmodemonic Telegraph, with an online assist from the MMA.

October 16, 2009



In 1994, at Mike Cyr's Sorceror's Sound, Magpie evolves as a four-piece, and releases their best tracks yet on an untitled EP with four groundbreaking songs: the rousingly fatal Dread, the skimbleshanksian sound of the seattle-rific Bellyup,  the paced deliberation of Steeplechase, and the yearning prayer of Sweet Reprisal (which happens to feature some of the best vocals ever recorded round these parts, thanks to Mark Quinn...) :

Drums: Michael Davies
Bass: Ed Briones
Guitar/Vocals: Mark Quinn
Guitars/Vocals: CJ Stankewich

This eponymous EP also features the most beautiful cover art, assembled by Jen Wolcin, Michelle Gemma, and Rich Martin. 

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