August 31, 2009

+ Plastic

Paper Plastic cover by Jen Wolcin Magpie, in this instance solo trackster CJ Stankewich, delivers a twelve song canon swirling in psychedelic sonik intensity.  Paper + Plastic is the intriguingly raw period after CJ's work in the Skimbleshanks, just prior to the more majestic full-throttle four-piece version of Magpie.

Several of the tracks were conceived, but never finished, in the Skimbleshanks and Irwin Project (w/Martin & Tarbox), several are proto versions of later Magpie standards, and several of these excursions exist only on this cassette.  The cover art, by Jen Wolcin, and the design of the cassette, by Rich Martin, are classic album art, ideally conveying the music within.     

Please enjoy this solo LP from CJ Stankewich!

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