Nobody Ever Does is a collision of side-projects.

The epicenter of this collision was Hatteras Island, NC, where the six band members all converged for the first time.

Luke Hunter
, Hannah Utt, and Nevin Nguyen-Tan had previously made a number of recordings under the moniker Immediate Fiend while Luke was simultaneously working on his solo project.

Bennett Quarles and Emily Quarles had also been working with Nevin in a band called An Operation, which produced an album earlier in the summer of 2009. Zach Drake, on the other hand, had never before been musically involved with a band in a studio recording situation.

Over a six-day period, Nobody Ever Does recorded four improvisationally composed songs that have now been released as Nedderkoppen. The band's sound is based largely upon dynamic controll of reverb, looping, and modulation effects in the studio to create undulating soundscapes that drive the album's progression from its dancy yet dark beginning to its frantic, introspective conclusion.

Luke E.E. Hunter
Darshana Carousel

 Nobody Ever Does

Luke E.E. Hunter
Dizzying Heights LP