April 08, 2009

$3 Depth Charge Surfaces!

$3 Depth Charge

Recently, we transferred the 7" vinyl of on dasher up to here, and it is a blast - we are now very excited to bring you an extraordinary 7" single, scratches and all, from the band $3 Depth Charge.  Built and fronted by songsmith Zach Johnson, 3$ was one of the first bands, along with Grand Passion, to successfully transition from Mystic to New London.  After leaving the band doug, Zach began to craft the first handful of 3$ songs with GinaMarie on bass, hoping to get a song into the forthcoming Trapezium local mystic music compilation.  Roger Peffley joined and played drums, while Matt McClosky produced several of these new songs, including "the wobbler" which was smartly selected for Trapezium.

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March 31, 2009

  learning it from on dasher

on dasherCharley Eastman is one of the most interesting figures in the Mystic music scene:  as one of the two main songwriters in Lotus, the titanic hard rock group, (which also featured Paul Twing sharing songwriting and vocal duties, with Nick Toscano and Tom Lateweic's massive rhythm section) Charley helped create a most unique band that stood on the mountaintop for years while touring nationally.

He left Lotus at the height of their popularity, to follow his muse which led him to start indie rock outfit Mona Gritch - with Doug Hodges on drums, and Roger Peffley tackling bass while leaving his own drum kit behind. Their legacy will be explored more here at the MMA in the future, but when Hodges decided to relocate to NYC, Eastman scrapped the whole Mona Gritch concept and rebuilt the idea as on dasher, which saw Peffley head back behind the drums and former Latex Voodoo guitarist Greg Svetz joining on bass.  (Interestingly, Eastman was unknowingly instrumental to the beginning of Delta of Venus, who bought his sequencer keyboard at their start, and relied heavily upon it).

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March 11, 2009

"IPG Isn't Really a Band Anymore" 


The Incessant Pop Group was like a meteor, blazing across the night sky before evaporating just as quickly, leaving an indelible line for the audience.

The group consisted of two multi-instrumentalists, James Burke and Luke Hunter, coupled with the voice of Julia Farrar. They created their infectious electro-rock using the most primitive tools, making modern music within the context of minimal technology. This blend was at both engaging and tuneful, making their shows move with a motion and energy rarely seen from more seasoned groups.

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March 06, 2009

Trapezium: "The Rumble of the Amplifiers"

TrapeziumBy 1996, the Mystic music scene was in the full throes of the Splinter Years. The first and second waves of bands, such as Alexander Field, Lotus, Skimbleshanks, and 17 Relics, had passed, and several new acts ushered in a new era. The 16-track Trapezium compilation LP offers us a fascinating snapshot of this chaotic time period, which resulted in some of the most mature and complex songs ever recorded by the Mystic scene up to that point.

soldiered on as a three piece when Charley Eastman left the band to start mona gritch, and later onDasher. The big three of Skimbleshanks all had new groups: CJ Stankewich leading Magpie from Seattle, Rich Martin teamed with Brooks Townsend and Doug Hodges in the ultra-exciting Grand Passion, and Mat Tarbox added bass guitar to his repertoire with Dawn Estabrooks and Rich Freitas in Delta of Venus.

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February 17, 2009

Luke Hunter Releases the Dizzying Heights

LukeWhen Mr. Hunter was just a young fourteen year-old regular at the Mystic Disc, he and good friend Jaime Burke approached djshecky about recording a demo of their first band, the Incessant Pop Group, at shecky’s Centraal Studios.

The group released two EP’s to wild success, but as the third EP was being recorded, a unique technological outbreak occurred in the electrical feed during their last show at The Space in Hamden, CT. For some still unknown reason, the IPG sequencers were wiped clean, so they decided to huck the hulking mess into the Mystic River during a blind post-gig rage. This action effectively ended the band, which is where Luke found the inspiration to record a debut solo recording.

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