February 17, 2009

Luke Hunter Releases the Dizzying Heights

LukeWhen Mr. Hunter was just a young fourteen year-old regular at the Mystic Disc, he and good friend Jaime Burke approached djshecky about recording a demo of their first band, the Incessant Pop Group, at shecky’s Centraal Studios.

The group released two EP’s to wild success, but as the third EP was being recorded, a unique technological outbreak occurred in the electrical feed during their last show at The Space in Hamden, CT. For some still unknown reason, the IPG sequencers were wiped clean, so they decided to huck the hulking mess into the Mystic River during a blind post-gig rage. This action effectively ended the band, which is where Luke found the inspiration to record a debut solo recording.

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February 12, 2009

Lost Portersville Music Recovered!

Portersville LiveDuring the summer of 1999, at the cusp of a new century, Portersville began tracking their unreleased EP "Portersville" in Middletown, CT with Michael Arafeh. This "lost" recording has intrigued fans and non-fans alike with an elusive nature akin to Dylan's "Great White Wonder" project with The Band, coupled with the obscure remains that is Skip Spence's "Oar" LP - an architectural relic.

During travels around the former Soviet Republics of Moldova and Armenia, erstwhile WCNI DJ Chachi came across a group of pirate radio operators, who had paid great sums of money to secure the lost tapes of Connecticut pop ensemble "Portersville" before their release. The idea was to buy in early on a possible 17 Relics reunion in hopes that the new band could actually get the job done.

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January 27, 2009

A New Path to Music

Trial, error and friendship lead Sodium Lights to a CD 

By Rick Koster - Published on 1/24/2009

In the context of music, this Ledyard basement is not remarkably different from thousands across the country. Drum kit. Guitar stands and instruments. Amps. Mixing and recording equipment and computer consoles. Maybe it's a bit cleaner. That's OK, though.

The musicians here - Mat Tarbox, Rich Freitas and Alex Pellish, all former members of a variety of popular Mystic rock bands over the past several years - are getting older and are not interested in the Old Way of doing things.

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