Tarbox at CollectiveSkeletons

A compilation of 7 tracks from 1993-97, that I wrote while living in Mystic and Noank. Only one of the tracks, "Cleopatra," has vocals and guitar, in addition to a sequencer.

The next five tracks are sequencer compositions written on the Delta of Venus Peavey keyboard.  These were composed between 1994 and 1997, intended as future Delta of Venus tracks.

The last track, "Histrionix," is a ten-minute comp of my pomes at the time set to shortwave static and god only knows what. 

I always thought of the sequencer tracks as songs you'd dig if you were driving around at night with the dashboard glow, on your way to something anticipated, like a rave at the Collective off exit 90. Anyway, please forgive the recordings, as they are from ancient found cassette tape that was never properly mixed or mastered.  


Drawback's Kiss

After leaving the band Seratonin (which then became Low-Beam), I retreated for a few years and then began to work on a solo record in 2003.  I went back and dug out 5 songs from that lp, including a remix from 2009.  Drawback's Kiss schooled me quickly in midi, which was key for when I joined Sodium Lights a few years later.  The title alludes to an early Joy Division song called "The Drawback".  The photo is from a series I took of sea smoke on the Thames on a frosty January morning in 2004.


I hope you get a kick out of some old tunes - Enjoy!